Thirty Something

Thirty SomethingThirty Something was one of the award winning American television series. It was premiered on the 29th of September 1987 and ended on the 28th of May 1991. The series was created by Marshall Herskovitz and it has four seasons with eighty-six episodes.

The series follows the lives of a married couple named Michael and Hope Streadman and Michael cousin's named Melissa. Michael portrayed by Ken Olin, was an advertising business with his best friend Elliot. Hope portrayed by Mel Harris was a writer and stay home mother whose having a problem with her wanting to be with their daughter Janey at home and her need to work. Melissa portrayed by Melanie Mayron was a photographer. They were joined by Elliot and Gary; Michael's best friend, Nancy; Elliot's wife, Susannah, Gary's wife; Ellyn, Hope's best friend. They are living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and all are in their thirties.

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