The Six Million Dollar Man

The Six Million Dollar ManThe Six Million Dollar Man was American TV series that classified as Action's Sci-Fi series and premiered on January 18, 1974 until March 6, 1978. The series originally based on the novel of Martin Caidin, and aired on ABC as regular series in all part of the United States. Lee Majors was the main character as he portrayed Steve Austin, the first Bionic Man that barely alive, who's stronger and faster than he was before.

This series revolves the adventures of the Bionic Man that cybernetically improved astronaut and turned to secret agent who's employed by the OSI. Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) as director of this agency and supervised scientist who created also his own cybernetics, Rudy Wells. Steve Austin has bionic arm and legs that gives strength and speed to him, not included his improved vision provided by his artificial eye. This power will get use to fight enemy agents, aliens, mad scientist and a wide variety of villains.

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